Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: September 17, 2019

Happy, happy Tuesday, everyone! Now, normally I’m dragging myself kicking and screaming into Tuesdays, because it’s nowhere near the weekend. (Poor Tuesday. Gets such a bad rep.) But! Today is a special Tuesday because……It’s my birthday! *shameless plug for myself*

So, I’m preeeeetty sure That Artsy Reader Girl guessed it was my birthday (JK not really) because the topic is made for me and my ridiculous excitement. So, without further rambling (LOL…Probs not), here. we. go:

Favorite Things to Eat/Drink While Reading

  1. Wine: If there was even a single person who did not expect this to be a) on this list or b) first on this list….get out now. I’m just kidding! Come back, come back. But I mean…*whispers* it’s in my blog name.
  2. Coffee: I love coffee. I need coffee. I am coffee. Okay, probably not the last one. But if it’s in the morning, I can be found reading with coffee in hand. Even sometimes during the afternoon. (Also, disclaimer, this TTT was written under the influence of a Starbucks Cold Brew sooooo…sorry…)
  3. Tea: Coffee is for the morning, tea is for night!
  4. Water: It’s boring, but true.
  5. Cheese, Crackers, Pepperoni, and Olives: This is, like, my go-to “I don’t want to cook dinner, I’m too poor to order out, and I need to eat to live” dinner. Plus, it makes perfect snacking for reading!
  6. Popcorn: I mean, it’s popcorn.
  7. Ice cream: Give me sweets, all the sweets. It may be considered “boring,” but vanilla ice cream is my favorite to have on hand.
  8. Fruit: A girl needs something to balance out the sugar! Apples for fall, peaches, oranges, raspberries–especially the raspberries!
  9. Chocolate: Because why be too healthy, you know?
  10. Whatever is for dinner: I hate eating alone, so I’ll have a book handy to read while I eat.

And there you have it! You know entirely too much about my eating habits now but, hey, we’re all friends here!

Until next week!

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