Day 4: Cozy Places to Read

So after yesterday’s disastrous attempt at Blogtober, we are back! And luckily enough (for all of us, let’s be honest), this is a topic I will have a much easier time with!

  1. My Couch: First and foremost, because more often than not this also includes my kitty, em, “helping” me read (AKA stepping and/or laying on my book, begging me to pay attention.) But she’s cute, so I let it happen.
  2. My Boyfriend’s Couch: This is on the same level as my couch, but substitute my cat for his dog. And yes, even with the size difference, puppy still wants to sit on my book.
  3. My bed: I need to be better about reading in bed, because it’s so dang comfy! But then I also fall asleep and drop the book on my face. Sooooo there’s that…
  4. Outside: I was going to try to break this down more, because there are sooo many options, but I would end up saying the same things about all of them: I love the outdoors, and the smell of grass or autumn leaves, and the chirp of birds. So I will read on my porch, my parents’ porch, my neighbors’ porch (just kidding), on a blanket in the grass…
  5. Bath: Finally, the bath tub. When I’m stressed out, I love nothing more than to pour myself a glass of wine, draw a super hot bath, throw in a bath bomb, and read a good book.

There we go! Much easier today, and so many good options! In fact, I want to go read in one of these spots right now…

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