Days 5, 6, and 7 of Blogtober

Hellooooooo everyone! Sorry for disappearing on you all! I’m in the process of starting a new job, and in between my old and new one, I had a week-long camping adventure of a vacation with my boyfriend, which I loved (seriously. It was so much fun!), but there was no service to continue posting. Luckily I had some posts scheduled and ready to go, but not enough *hides face*. Basically, all of this is to say: Stick with me until I get my life together and back on schedule.

Anyway! I decided the best way to get caught up was one big multi-post. I mean, I could have skipped some days, but Jenn has too many fun Blogtober ideas for me to skip any! So, here we go!

Day 5: Best Reading Clothes

Short Answer: the comfier, the better. Long(er) answer:

  1. Sweatpants: Preferably the big oversized ones that make my hips look huge and I never wear outside of my house.
  2. Yoga pants: If option 1 is unavailable
  3. Hoodie: Again, preferably the oversized hoodie that’s ripped in nine places and should have been burned/tossed/destroyed years ago
  4. Blanket: Not an item of clothing, but still a necessity!

Day 6: Autumnal Drinks for Reading With

Umm…I’m not sure how many of these are really “autumn” (more like my every day) but…

  1. Coffee: A girl needs her coffee. (cough PSL cough)
  2. Tea: I mean, we can make it a fall tea? Like….pumpkin….
  3. Apple Cider: AKA probably the only fall drink on here.
  4. Wine: You guys didn’t think I would forget that one, did you? And you can make it a spiced wine for the fall factor!

Day 7: Autumnal Bookshelf Decoration Ideas

Oooooo good one! So this has changed for me. When I was in my apartment, my bookcases were in my living room, so I used those as a place to decorate. At that time, I had little pumpkins and ghost figurines I would scatter to the sides, adding fall flowers from the craft store too. Now, I have a house and my bookcases are upstairs in the so-called “library” (called such by family, friends, neighbors, and yours truly). So, they don’t really get decorated. Out of sight, out of mind.

I guess this is a non-answer answer to the question…

And there you go! The world’s quickest catch-up because your girl has to go to bed! I would say I’ll be back to doing these daily, but that would be a lie. Instead, I’ll just promise to try. That works…right?

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